Are you continuously looking for new motivational material, games and resources to fire up students? Do you find that despite all this material, some students do not seem eager about languages, long term? Do students seem to give up too easily, finding languages 'too difficult for them'?

Students need to feel inspired, before they feel motivated. They need to feel 'good enough', in order to continue with the study of languages. But too often, the limitation we encounter at school seems to take over our creativity, as teachers and linguists.

In this book, Eva Maria Ruiz shows you how to fire up students, motivate them and build their self esteem, so that language learning becomes a long lasting interest. It also presents impressive and stimulating cultural projects to bring language learning to life.

A book that is an invaluable tool for new language teachers, and brings additional approaches to experienced teachers.

"Your ideas have fired me up. I find them so impressive that I feel compelled to offer opinion and comment on the content" Hugh Leader - French teacher

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Education sector

Our seminar, 'A Richer Life with Languages', shows students the importance of learning a foreign language, with facts and discussions. We present the seminar to students and teachers in secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Our consultancy on languages and how to create confidence in students, in the learning of a foreign language, encompasses methods for assessment and cultural projects.

LR Linguistician aims to help bridge the gap between language learning providers and employers' needs, to forge professional relationships with global trade.

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LR Linguistician delivers a highly professional translation and interpreting service, for all your general, educational and business requirements, tailored to your needs.

Our qualified linguists have been translating and interpreting for over 20 years. We supply reliable, efficient and professional service, as each project is fulfilled with great care.